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A few words from our founder.

At Accompanied we believe in the strength of individuals, in our ability to shape our lives and to build a better world.  It is this notion that drives us and as entrepreneurs, we turn this drive into concrete results. We do this side-by-side with our clients, sharing our expertise and our network.

Our expertise is optimization. Optimization of public policies and private enterprises. And we are passionate about it. From a bird’s-eye view, we map the field and set out a course. We accompany our clients on their journey and deliver them on location.

Our company was founded in The Netherlands in 2015. Today we have an office in Diemen (Amsterdam) and one in Fortaleza, Brazil. Social responsibility is part of our business philosophy and our being. We dedicate a lot of our time to voluntary work and social projects. That also shaped our business culture and the range of our services. We are a well-balanced, very international team, with members from various age groups and professional backgrounds. But most importantly, we are a bunch of friends who love working together and contributing to this wonderful world.

Kind regards,
Adwin van Dijke 

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At Accompanied we have a wide range of services related to optimization. Find out what we have to offer for public sector innovation, private sector innovation, or personal coaching. Or check-out what social projects we support on www.companyoffriends.nl

The Latest News
from Accompanied.nl

  • Irregular migrant workers in a pinch due to the corona crisis
    “Adwin calls on the government to take illegal labour migrants seriously. “Give them the correct info. (….) People hold on to very small things. Be clear.” (In Dutch)
  • Interview with Adwin at NPO Radio
    “There are probably thousands of people working illegally in our country as cleaners, hairdressers, nannies, or in the catering industry. In the crisis, they are now the first to lose their job, i.e. their income. Forced to return to their country of origin is often their only option now.” (In Dutch)
  • Not everyone is better off in the Netherlands
    Life in our rich, well-organized country has a huge attraction for people from a less wealthy part of the world. “But there is a downside, “says Van Dijke. “We call it the ‘honey trap’. The issues here are often better represented than they are. Because not everyone can make it in the Netherlands.” (In Dutch)

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We are not just an ordinary consulting firm. We are a company of friends. All professionals in our own field. Humanitarians at heart, result-driven in approach. And we love to work with like-minded partners.

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