Push your limits


Accompanied BV is a company specializing in migration. Migration of people and companies. We know the possibilities and impossibilities, the advantages and disadvantages, and the consequences for the country of origin and the country of residence. We are happy to help you with a policy study, a feasibility study, or with the supervision of your project.

Accompanied started in the Netherlands in 2015 and since 2021 we also have a branch in Brazil. From there we can also help you find a house, a business site, or a plot for a new project. Be inspired by the offer on our Brazilian website.

Push your limits


At Accompanied, we know what migration is and how to make your migration or that of your company a success. Our expertise lies mainly in the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Brazil. Our services are Research and Advice, Guidance, Project Development, Property Management and Brokerage.


For clients from governments and NGOs, we conduct research into the effects of migration policy and come up with concrete advice and possibilities. For individuals and companies, we identify the most optimal locations and draw up feasibility studies.


Investing or buying a house abroad sometimes has the necessary bumps and pitfalls. We know the way and the pitfalls. The bureaucratic rules and property relations are often very different from what you are used to. We know the people who can check in the land register whether what you want to buy also becomes yours. For our customers, we set up companies, arrange residence permits and ensure the proper handling of international payments.

Project Development

We develop projects ourselves, but also guide clients through the purchase, finding an architect and other professionals for their projects. We ensure that your project can start and arrange the necessary permits, make a provisional budget and ensure a good contractor. If desired, we can supervise the progress and construction and even the design on your behalf.

Property Management

For private investors, we take care of the rental and management of their homes, resort, or hotel.


In Fortaleza, Brazil, we have our brokerage. On the beautiful, newly renovated Beira Mar we have a wide range of apartments, but we also have elegant holiday homes in idyllic locations on the coast.

News and background information

  • Welkom in Ceará
    Het is niet overal overvol en vastgelopen. In Ceará (in het Noordoosten van Brazilië) zijn volop kansen en mogelijkheden. De productie van groene waterstof is booming en steeds meer producenten verplaatsen […]
  • Investeren en wonen in Brazilië
    Accompanied heeft nu ook een vestiging in Brazilië. In Fortaleza, de vijfde stad van het land met bijna 3 miljoen inwoners en hoofdstad van de booming deelstaat Ceará, hebben we nu […]
  • Irreguliere arbeidsmigranten in de knel door coronacrisis
    “Er werken vermoedelijk duizenden mensen illegaal in ons land als schoonmaker, kapper, kinderoppas, of in de horeca. Zij verliezen in de crisis nu als eersten hun baan, dus hun inkomen. Noodgedwongen […]